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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

94. The Wolf of Wall Street (A)

Martin Scorsese goes from his most child-friendly film, Hugo, to this decidedly child-unfriendly film, where the f-bomb is employed something like 400 times (per one website's count) and more or less the first shot is Leonardo DiCaprio snorting cocaine out of a woman's crotch. This is pitch-black comedy, almost certainly the funniest film of the year, and it depends 100% on the viewer to instinctively understand how morally bankrupt virtually every character is, because within the film itself this is strictly a Seinfeld-style "no lessons learned" policy in effect. I can easily see why people might not like this -- it is, as the AV Club nicely put it, a study of an excessive lifestyle told in an excessive fashion.

It hangs largely on DiCaprio, who is phenomenal. Between Catch Me If You Can and Django Unchained he had a ten-year stretch of super-serious, gritty dramas, which were generally very high quality, but it's great to see him having fun onscreen again. Movie star charisma of his calibre shouldn't be so neglected. He also reveals some quite astonishing physical comedy skills. The supporting cast is huge, anchored by Jonah Hill, who has, much to my surprise, turned out to be an adept character actor.

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