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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 85: Certifiably Insane?


O'Brien: So, I have to wear this and parade around the promenade or you'll turn me over to the Bajorans who are calling for my death?

Odo: Yes.

O'Brien: And I thought the Cardassian legal system was bad!

Kira: All I said was that I didn't think Kirk was all that sexy!

Worf: You are without honor.

Sisko: Who's idea was it to invite Alan Scott on board the station, then cut him with wood, thus releasing the power of the Starheart?

Surprisingly, the Jem'Hadar all voted to watch Smurfs 2, out-numbering the DS9 crew, who were hoping to see the new Hobbit movie.

Staring Contest with Gowron has now beaten Hypnotoad as the highest rated show in the Alpha Quadrant. Interestingly enough, it also was now the longest consistently running show, beating out even Doctor Who, which had recently celebrated it's 400th anniversary, though that was due to that show going on hiatus roughly every 20 years.

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ODO: Jem'Hadar? (snort) They're just Tosk with better make up.

They're right behind me, aren't they?
O'Brien: Aren't you, like their god or something?

Odo: Oh, yeah...

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Dax: It was really nice of the Jem'Hadar to invite us over to their mess hall for dinner.

O'Brien: Agreed. I'm famished. Computer, what's on the menu for tonight?

Computer: Today's specials are Trill, human and Changeling.
Jem'Hadar: Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys!
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