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Re: Did Spock have sex with Savvik in Star Trek 3?

The one thing I did notice - and really appreciated, honestly - about the Finger Thing between Spock & Saavik was the direction with regards to Spock looking up at her, as if to make sure it really was alright, with her. That this is what she meant, that he could use her in this manner. I was totally sold on that moment, on the innocense of Spock. That whole business with gliding the hands around and climaxing with the touching of the fingertips went on far too long. Just ... it really needed judicious editing.

But Nimoy didn't just abandon ManChild Spock and treat him as a blank spot where the "real" Spock should be. He gave the Pon Farr sequence the right tonality that I think any other director would've missed. And even the little boy Spock, when Saavik and David are talking, he's shaking his head like he knows they're communicating, but he can't decipher it. Nimoy is a great director with actors. I think his technical direction leaves something to be desired, though ...
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