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Re: Off Topic: Movie Tie-In Editions

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Yeah, it's not uncommon these days for there to be an adult novelization and a "junior novelization." It's also conceivable that there could be an American edition and a British edition, published by different companies for different territories, using different writers . . . although I've never known that to happen.
With the Terminator novels, they're both 'adult'. Hutson is British (I think) so it could be a territorial thing.

Seems a waste of effort though, two authors writing the same book...
I agree. I can imagine scenarios where it could happen, though. In general, the publisher pays the writer, not the movie studio, so I don't think a British publisher could just "borrow" the manuscript the American publisher paid for (or vise versa), even though the copyright would belong to the studio of course. It certainly seems like it would be easier for Publisher A to pay Publisher B for the right to use the same manuscript, but if they couldn't come to terms . . . it could conceivably be cheaper just to hire a local writer to re-novelize the script.

Again, this is just hypothetical. I've been in this business for years and I've never personally dealt with such a scenario.

(Although I know of at least one instance where two separate novelizations were written of the same movie, but neither ever saw print!)

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