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Re: Christmas, whose football shirt you most want?

I think this is a spambot, but I wouldn't mind a discussion about jerseys. I'm a fan of them if I'm at a sports bar or a game, but I don't wear them otherwise. I do have one contemporary player (DeSean Jackson) that I got as a gift (actually, I have a Ravens Joe Flacco jersey I also got as a gift, but, since I'm an Eagles fan, I don't like to admit that very often ).

However, my general rule is to only get jerseys of retired players. That way they don't end up leaving and going to play for your division rival or something. That's why the jersey I wear most often is a Randall Cunningham jersey (despite his stay with Minnesota, he'll always be an Eagle). It also allows me to have a retro Kelly Green Eagles jersey. If I get another one, it'll be a Brian Dawkins jersey. I also have an Eric Lindros Flyers jersey. If I were to get a Phillies jersey, it would be Chase Utley, but I have to wait for him to retire first.
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