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Re: Movie anticipation for undiscovered country

Given all this media excitement, you'd have to guess Paramount were disappointed with TUC's performance, otherwise the TOS crew would have been on the bigscreen circa 1993. So my guess is for non-fans it didn't really cut through.
yes maybe if VI had been a IV sized hit there would have been a VII with the original crew for 93 as was rumoured there could be at the time (maybe Ashes of Eden directed by Meyer or Nimoy or even Shatner as itd be his story - in fact the AOE comic was very much like a comic adaptation of a Trek VII) maybe TNG could have done another couple of years on tv instead of DS9/VOY, then theyd have done Generations for the 30th anniversary in 96 (more Yesterdays Ent than what was done), or alternatively still finished in 94 but waited 2 years before hitting the big screen.

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