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Re: "If it appeared on screen, it's canon." THIS is canon?!?

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What bothers me the most is having obvious errors appear on film, becoming canon (ST5 showing far too many decks in the turbolift escape scene is the worst)
Canon is just the individual installments. While STV is canon, the deck count doesn't have to be. Especially if a later or previous installment says otherwise.
I thought STV was just a dream? I mean, Kirk goes to sleep in Yosemite, Sybok happens, Kirk is now awake, in Yosemite. All a bad dream.

It's the McCoy family beans recipe that did it.
STV is a dream, all of ENT is Riker playing on the holodeck between scenes of TNG episodes, all of VOY is Barclay playing on the Project Pathfinder holodeck, everything post-GENS is Picard's Nexus fantasy and every scene of every episode is set in a different "Parallels" reality anyhow.
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