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Off Topic: Movie Tie-In Editions

I know this is Off-Topic, but I was hoping someone could answer. I just got Game of Thrones -- Book One. On the cover it says, "Movie Tie-In Edition" and has a pic of Ned Stark on the front. I know it is different from the other older books.

My question is the Movie Tie Edition different from the Original Book in terms of the text. I figure it would be the same since the book came out first, but I'm getting hung-up on the "Movie Tie-In Edition."

I think it would be the same, as for instance, say Christopher Bennett's book Star Trek DTI was turned into a movie, I doubt it would be marketed as "Read CLB's watch CLB's Book turned into movie, and then it would be "Read CLB's book based on the movie!" I assume the movie tie-in books would be the same as the original in content, but the cover may be different.

Yep, I know Google can be your friend, but I couldn't find anyting if Game of Thrones Movie Tie In book is the same as the original book (except for the cover of course)

Thanks for any input.

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