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Re: The Motion Picture question..

redford: the klingons are right behind us, we've got no place to go.

newman: we'll jump!

redford: into a wormhole?

newman: sure, they'll never follow. Would you jump into a wormhole if you didn't have to?

redford: I do have to, and i still won't do it. I want to fight them.


redford: I can't spacewalk. I get sick ...

newman: Hell, the gravitational gradient'll probably kill you!

newman&redford together: woooo-ohhhh!

as they fall into an oscilloscope pattern, leaving their bumpy headed pursuers (played by Strother Martin and Henry Jones) far behind.

Naah, I just don't see it ... plus, as I recall, the apocryphal story of recasting according to a facetious Susan Sackett and GR was Redford as Spock and Clint Walker (!?) as Kirk.

The Newman/Shatner issue IS interesting, since after James Dean died, Newman got all the parts Shatner was up for, including CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF, which the latter was considered pretty much a shoo-in for.
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