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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

93. The Miracle of Morgan's Creek (B)

The one wartime Preston Sturges film not included in the DVD collection I bought a few years ago, a conceptually quite audacious film, though in execution I maintain my opinion that much of Sturges' comedy hasn't aged especially well. Part of the issue is the lead actor, who did the somewhat similar Hail the Conquering Hero with Sturges (also a satire of wartime patriotism and social mores), who I find kind of annoying; also straddling the line between funny and annoying is Sturges' recurring supporting actor William Demarest. All the same, there's quite a bit of clever material here, and it's impressive that Sturges managed to get a movie featuring a girl who gets drunk, marries a man she doesn't remember only to find herself pregnant, and then tries to rope another guy into marrying her to cover it up, and plays it all as a buoyant comedy (ending with the government hypocritically covering it all up for its own reasons).

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