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Re: TOS Series Lexington: Meet The Lady

Awesome opener to what I’m sure is going to become a new favorite series!

We don’t get enough TOS-era stories around here, anyway, and Lexington is a fantastic springboard for all kinds of fascinating stories to come.

I’m anxious to find out more about Bob Wesley and his quirky new crew. I appreciated his poignant homecoming, with his wife discovering they’d have only a seventy-two hour reunion before the commodore’s 5-year mission got underway. No wonder Starfleet started letting families aboard their vessels in the 24th century.

I’m liking the Bear already. Having a hard-ass exec always makes the captain look better (at the very least nicer) anyway.

I did find it a bit strange that Wesley seems to consider Jim Kirk a close friend, considering the age difference between the two men. I’d have suspected that many of the senior captains in Starfleet would see Kirk as a young upstart… prior to his earning his phenomenal reputation in the coming years. Most especially as Kirk received command of a Constitution-class ship prior to someone with Wesley’s experience.

Very much looking forward to more. :thumbsup:
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