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My English must be worse than I'd like to believe.

I only relied on Kimble's and Big Jim Slade's stern views of the saucer (diameter size figures supposedly undisputed) to arrive at a workable "real-life" width of the impulse engines' exhaust nozzles.

Next, I relied exclusively on the actual stern view images. It's easy to calculate the width of the skegs (and the dorsal in that area) based on the width of the impulse engines' exhaust nozzles.
And that's the head scratcher. So you relied on Kimble's and BJSlade's blueprints to derive a width for the impulse engine nozzles then you switch over to photographs with perspective distortion to derive a width of the skegs to get you a width of the dorsal.

Why didn't you just directly measure the width of the dorsal from the blueprints? Or only rely exclusively on the photos? Instead you've now made your analysis complicated with uncertainty from different and varying degrees of accuracy sources.

Oh and btw, the measured dorsal width of the DE Enterprise is 0.042 x 141.7m = 5.97m or 19.5'. Multiply for a 355m ship and that comes to 6.95m or 22.8'. It's in between the Kimble and BJS blueprints.
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