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Re: The Time Of The Doctor (Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS!)

What the actual fuck was that?

Was pretty bad with only several entertaining bits. If I had to sum it up in one word, it'd probably be lacklustre. It felt rushed and didn't have much structure. Christ, this makes Asylum of the Daleks look great, and you all know my opinions on that. No villain which I what the episode could have done with, was rushed which is a problem pretty much all of series 7 has suffered with, and the story was just...dull. I was expecting something good on the same tier as the brilliant Day of the Doctor. Plus the regeneration sequence was shit. Sure, I get that he had that giant regeneration before actually changing his appearance, but the second one just didn't work. I didn't like that "flash". Too fast and if they weren't going to do that now normal stand-up regeneration, at least do a more traditional lying down regeneration. But nope, just a quick spin round and a blip to Capaldi. And then we got barley any words from him. I was at least expecting a few more words from him like we did with Smith in The End of Time. The End of Time had its faults but in comparison, it was a master piece. I've gotten The Caves of Androzani and Time & The Rani fir Christmas on DVD. I wouldn't be surprised if T&TR was better than Time of the Doctor. And from what I've heard, it's awful. I was generous and gave this 2 stars. Definitely my least favourite regeneration, probably tied with the War Games and that's low for opposite reasons - it dragged on too much. Then again I was younger when I saw that, if I watched the whole thing again now, I'd probably enjoy it more. Would probably beat Time of the Doctor.

Plus the quick clip we got of Capaldi gives me no hope that he'll be that good as the doctor. I'm beginning to hope he really is a one series wonder.
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