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Re: The Time Of The Doctor (Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS!)

BTW why is it always boiled down to "At least it's not RTD!" when people don't like Moffat episodes? Why can't people simply dislike an episode without it becoming fanboy dick waving over RTD vs Moffat? It's obnoxious and makes it seem like you can't love Doctor Who without hating one or the other. I have and do enjoy episodes from both but Moffat's style is largely a turn off with individual episodes or moments being really good.

As for this episode, it was the perfect sum up of 11s run. Overall a simple story told in such a contrived mess of a way that it seemed like it was either too complicated to follow or a tick list of elements that had to be nodded at with a throughline written to connect them, with some nice moments.
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