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Re: The Time Of The Doctor (Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS!)

Well that was... a bit of a mess. There have been worse episodes, but I'd say it was probably the worst regeneration since Time And The Rani, which is shocking considering how good Day Of The Doctor was.

Basically, the real problem with it is that it was a shopping list of elements for a story arc that would have made a good arc for a season, devoting an episode to each bit or element, but which totally fucking didn't work as a single hour.

Lesley being pissed and moaning "this is awful" all fucking through it didn't help, so I may be underrating on the ground of being well sick that, but really it was a structural mess. Oh, yeah and way too much plot exposition via narration. And was the Papal mainframe meant to be someone we know - a different incarnation of River or something?

Oh, yeah, and too many retcons of even stuff from Eleven's own era - what the Silents are, for example. The "Doctor Who?" gag has been done too many times, the nature of the Silents changes again...

Still, it's Xmas, there's supposed to be a turkey...
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