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Re: The Time Of The Doctor (Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS!)

So Capaldi is both 13 and a a new 1.

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I agree....the more I think, there was so much that was just a throaway line.

Something about The Master and The High Council. Something about The Silence. Something about The Daleks. Something about time lords. Something about the crack in time. The TARDIS being destroyed was literally a throwaway line that I can't even remember...

Even the music was largely recycled, and Capaldi only got a few seconds.......

This is the perfect ending for this period of Doctor Who, a garbled mess of a story with some really cool character moments.
Loads better than RTD with his lowest common denominator humor containing fart and fat jokes.
Yeah, he had loads of fart jokes in one episode of season 1 when the show was still trying to find its identity and balance between being for kids and adults because many believed the show wouldn't last past season 1.

Dunno what that has to do with this episode though, but at least End of Time had a story.
End Of Time had a story? I thought it was 10 just whining about regenerating.

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So the the time lords were calling for the doctor through that crack and if he replied they'd show up and it would be bad. But then why did he hang around the planet? Were the daleks just going to raze the place anyway? Shoot the time lords through the crack or something?

Agreed with Phily B. This has happened before with Moffat finales, I find I need to rewatch and listen more carefully for very hasty bits of explanation to understand what was going on.
If they come through, all hell breaks loose (again) and the time war restarts. The Daleks and the rest of the galaxy wants to stop the Doctor from saying his name cause then they stop the return of Gallifrey.
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