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Re: New Star Trek Items

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TOS has endured for almost fifty years, and the reboot movies have renewed interested in that part of the franchise.

I wish there were more DS9 merchandise options, but I get why there isn't.
My guess (based on 5 episodes of Toy Hunter LOL) is either:

1. There are more TOS collectors out there.
2. CBS has it wrong and thinks there are more TOS collectors than DS9.
3. The TOS collectors are of an age that they want and can afford toys.


You're correct on #1 and #3. Clearly TOS merchandise just sells better. There wouldn't be more on the market if it didn't sell.
For proof, just look up any item on eBay, organize it by lowest price first and see which series' items are listed first, and which are listed later - and therefore more expensive.
For example, look up action figures and you'll see (as a general rule) ENT, VOY, DS9, and TNG, list much more frequently (from least expensive to most expensive) before you'll see much TOS. Trust me I know this - I'm a TOS collector, so I have to deal with this.
In my opinion (and experience) though, the reboot has had little or no affect on the value, or interest in, other series' merchandise.

ME, what did I do?
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