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Back to the issue at hand (dorsal width) I calculated the maximal width of the impulse engines' exhaust casing which is 13% (Kimble) or 13.2% (Big Jim Slade) of the saucer width (P/S) and therefore would be 18.4-18.7m wide on an Enterprise at 305m length or 21.4-21.8m on an Enterprise at 355m length.

According to pictures like this one the space between the "surfer" skegs has a width of 39% of the impulse engines' exhaust casing, on a 355m Enterprise the width of the dorsal's stern up there and including the skegs would be 8.5 meters / 27.9 feet (which is a max. dorsal width figure I had estimated previously).
This whole line of thinking has been bugging me for a while now I see why. Bob, you're referencing Kimble's and Big Jim Slade's blueprints but you appear to be avoiding a direct measurement of the dorsal width.

Pulling out my printed Kimble blueprint, the dorsal width of the Enterprise as measured (width of dorsal / width of saucer) is: 0.038 x 141.7m = 5.47m or 17.9' wide. Multiply that by 1.1639 to increase to a 355m ship and the width is 6.36m or 20.8' wide for the dorsal.

Big Jim Slade's Enterprise dorsal width is wider: 0.049 x 141.7m = 6.95m or 22.8' wide. Multiple that by 1.1639 and the width is 8.09m or 26.5'.

So Kimble's is narrower than you'd like and Slade's is closer to what you prefer.
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