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Re: Would a series set after voyager have been more of a success

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Yes, it has always been an action adventure franchise. But it's been a smart one with a focus on writing. Kirk beat superior opponents by tricking them, outsmarting them and outwilling* them. Not by beaming in and shooting everyone.
That's a TV show, these are movies. And Kirk in the movies was in the midst of people who were being violent, so he used violence. How the frack was he going to trick Nero into lowering his defenses on the Narada anyway? By staging a hack of the ship, then shutting off all weapons? That's now one of the oldest clichés in movies since it's use in Independence Day. Also, how was he going to apprehend Nero and Co. other than by violence? By beaming the whole crew of the Narada into the cargo holds?

*BTW, the word is 'out-witting.'

And for the 15 millionth time across all hobbyist message boards ever, the fact that companies are interested in making money, while true, is NOT an effective rebuttal to complaints about quality.
It's a good rebuttal to people who keep insisting that Roddenberry had a grand plan for Star Trek when he truly didn't (and had brought into said mythology drummed up by fans and by [most likely] himself.) Star Trek is an action-adventure franchise and was pitched as such to NBC back in the 60s, like it or not. Anything else said makes one look like the people in the famous satirical news report by The Onion.

And I'm sorry to bust your bubble, but at least the now movie truly had the Enterprise start an 'Insurrection' by fighting a part of Starfleet that does questionable things, and engaging a Starfleet ship in combat with consequences for them and for Earth. That's better than Picard & Co. engaging a Alien Race Du Jour who are bad simply because they're all ugly.
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