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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

Yep, I am not putting the LLL set down by any means...but just noticed that there is at least one missing cue of music. And was curious why it was left off of the set, whether intentional or by mistake.

I have researched this cue meticulously and definitely concluded with zero doubt it is not on the set. I even went back to my VHS copies of the Laser-discs I made back in the early 1990's because some thought it was different...but that was not the case.

I love this set and I am very thankful that it was made. I never, ever thought that I would ever see the original series music released in a set like this. It's a dream come true for sure. But I noticed a cue was missing, wanted some second opinions and finally deduced that it was incomplete.

I can't see how any of my posts would ever be considered negative. I just like being thorough and when I came across this missing cue from Miri I wanted to see if anybody had an answer or knew regarding it.
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