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Re: The X-Files - First Time Watching

Beyond the Sea

Brad Dourif plays creepy serial killer really really well. I've seen him in Babylon 5 and in Voyager as Suder, but watching The X-Files and seeing him here for the first time was really something to behold. The way he shifts characters in the scenes he was in was eerie in a really fantastic way.

It's also amazing how much can change in 13 episodes. Just a few episodes back I was complaining that Anderson didn't start out as a good actress in this show and we even got that awful beehive hairstyle. Now we're getting Scully probably at her best, a woman who we see at her weakest point but still so strong. Anderson was fantastic here, and the scene where she lost it saying she would flip the switch on Boggs herself was well done.

We're only in the first season, but the more I watch this show, the more I'm starting to see how great this show was. It took shows like Star Trek, Babylon 5, and Farscape a season to get good, yet The X-Files at episode 13 is amazing and we have 8.5 more seasons left. I'm starting to see why this show was such a hit.
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