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^^Big problem with that is, we're told Voyager has a "sustainable cruise velocity of warp 9.975" when we first see the ship docked at DS9. That's not even maximum warp, but a cruise velocity they can supposedly maintain. I guess the writers either forgot or decided it was way too fast, since the fastest they ever actually go is warp 9.75 (not 9.975) in "The Swarm"
If we're going on a large enough scale, there's a big difference between Warp 9.975 and, say, Warp 9.9975, even if seems miniscule on paper because we're adding only .0225.

For example, assuming that Voyager maintained Warp 9.975, it would have a speed of 5551.9 times c*. But adjusting it slightly to Warp 9.9975 almost triples the ship's speed, or 14781.9 times c

In essence, if a ship even went to Warp 9.999999999, that's still an infinitesimal way to go before "attaining" the omnipresence of Warp 10. And I'm sure there's math out there that the E-D in "Where No One Has Gone Before" reached Warp 9.9999(-to whatever decimal point) to travel 3 million light years (M33) in 10 seconds, which is one of the reasons why dialog of speed was so vague ("We never went past Warp 1.5" or "We're passing [as opposed to reaching] Warp 10" or "We are off the scale"). We do know, however, that whatever Warp 13 or Transwarp is, it's not omnipresence.

*using's warp speed calculator. I use it not for accuracy or canon evidence (because there is none, really -- as was pointed out earlier, warp is not portrayed consistently), but to demonstrate what speed would look like on an upward, always increasing scale. Funnily enough,'s warp scale only goes up to 4 decimal points, so it stops displaying calculations between 30 years of warp and 3 years of warp to traverse 3 million ly, which is still a lot of speed used for time saved.
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