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Re: Would a series set after voyager have been more of a success

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Star Trek has always been an action adventure franchise since the 1960s and also one that made money (did you think that the IDIC was made for the highfalutin things that you keep attributing to Star Trek? It was created to make money!) Ditto with all of the other merchandise too.
Yes, it has always been an action adventure franchise. But it's been a smart one with a focus on writing. Kirk beat superior opponents by tricking them, outsmarting them and outwilling them. Not by beaming in and shooting everyone.

And for the 15 millionth time across all hobbyist message boards ever, the fact that companies are interested in making money, while true, is NOT an effective rebuttal to complaints about quality.

Picard Speedo wrote:

I think a new show would be a big sell with the right components. Center the plot around five bikini-clad Starfleet officers (all of varying ethnicities, one of which should ideally be a vampire) who are supermodels by day, but paranormal crime-fighters by night. They'll traverse the galaxy winning beauty pagents for the betterment of mankind, while solving crimes deemed too tough to crack. Each weekly episode will feature heavy and obvious product placement for the sponsors of the week, and once a month, the crew will become marooned on a tropical planet where they must compete against each other to stay on the show. All this excitement and more, coming soon, to a low-rated network near you.
That kind of ratings-begging gets you ratings next week, but loses them in the long term. If Star Trek is ever going to be a TV hit again it needs to focus on it's fundamentals. Exploration, smart adventure and writing.

A modernized TNG clone would be one way to do that, but as I expressed before, I'd rather them take the Breaking Bad/Game Of Thrones route of nurturing a viewer loyalty and gradually building up an audience through word of mouth by focusing on quality.
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