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Re: The absolute worst captain in Star Trek

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Captain "Not until Tuesday" from Generations. What a complete boob.
Seconded. Sure, they wanted to show Kirk's experience but how did that man ever rise to the rank of captain? He was totally incapable of making a decision and couldn't come up with a good idea to save his life. Yet they made him the captain of the Enterprise!

I interpret that differently. Starfleet gave this man a ship that was totally unprepared for even the most minor of crises, and he was unlucky enough to get hit by a major one.

Who made the call to have this ship go out ill-equipped, under-staffed and partially unarmed?

Doesn't matter if it was a PR trip or not, ships shouldn't go out in those conditions.

The best firefighter can't do squat if you don't give the guy the gear and the hose.
Additionally, it's been well established that Earth is the heart of Starfleet. If so, why is Enterprise-B, docked at home, the only ship in range? Let's talk about incompetent admirals!


On a side note, if we're talking about Robau as a good captain, I'll join the chorus. He didn't blink, he didn't cower, he didn't back down. His orders from the start were about saving his crew, and his foresight and sacrifice helped Lt. George Thor Kirk to do just that. It's just really difficult to imagine Styles and Esteban doing the same thing (I'll give Harriman a pass -- I think he'd do it after much, much more hesitation than Robau ever displayed, and after Kirk gives him a pep-talk).
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