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What if the fabric of space itself in the Delta Quadrant had more of a damping effect on Voyager's engines than other areas of space, and thus they operated less efficiently (as indirectly suggested by other posters?) Sort of like a sailing ship sailing at full speed against a current, for example.
I wish they'd said something to that effect on the show. A vague "our warp engines aren't as efficient in this part of space" -type comment would have worked wonders.
Agreed! The fabric of space-time is variable. It could have been made more clear that could account for inefficiency of the engines.

It's very easy if we go with the idea that the Voyager was just traveling carefully through the Delta Quadrant. Even so, there probably were instances in which the Voyager was moving at "plot speed" like other ships, even if only briefly to get from one star system to another.
I think there may have been an episode or two in Voyager that stated this, but weren't they mostly cruising at Warp 6 or 7 most of the show because the ship couldn't go past Warp 8 all the time? So this could account for some of the 70 year trip.

Another thing is that they couldn't always go in a straight line to the Alpha quadrant, let alone straight to Earth. There are bound to be detours, not to mention that the galaxy is 3 dimensional. Sometimes, they had to travel up and down the Z axis of the galaxy, not just the vector straight to earth, right? That is bound to add years, too.
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