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Re: Would a series set after voyager have been more of a success

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The non-sci-fi one of the ones you mentioned did well. Very well. The others you mentioned were formulaic sci-fi entries with only niche appeal. What more should have been expected? They got their day and then some, as they all stayed on longer in syndication than they could have on network. The results were nothing that couldn't have been expected based on content alone.
Are you talking about Baywatch, which failed to produce a spin-off in the contracting market and, in a final gasp, relocated to Hawaii (because the state threw tons of money at them) only to fail?
You mean it failed to yield a spin-off after a successful ten year run in syndication? Big deal. By that time, it was played out. That still doesn't make it a failure.

Please do the research.
So, discovering that, at its peak, Baywatch had a weekly audience of over 1.1 billion people, making it the most watched TV show in the world at the turn of the millennium [another link, besides the one I already gave], that doesn't count as research? I did the research, thanks.
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