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Re: Would a series set after voyager have been more of a success

Push the Button wrote:
Popular? Certainly. JJ has dumbed Trek down for the masses and turned it into another Star Wars style cash machine, which is wonderful, I suppose. The Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes movies are popular too, and also show the same lack of respect for the original source material. Arthur Conan Doyle's Holmes was a detective with a clockwork intellect, not an action hero. Roddenberry's Kirk was a disciplined, professional Starfleet officer and brilliant tactician, not an impulsive, smug little punk.
It depends how you look at Kirk. Some see the "true" Kirk as being the "stack of books with legs" which Gary Mitchell described, while others see the Kirk that was, to quote Carol Marcus, "never a boy scout". It's all about which bits count and which don't in your mind. Remember 34 year old Kirk seducing a 19 year old girl in "Conscience of the King", or smiling at Scotty's starting a bar fight over the Enterprise being called a "garbage scow" in "Trouble with Tribbles"? Do you really think Kirk taking the Enterprise from Decker in TMP was entirely non-selfish? Or flying through space on wild adventures while Carol raised David alone? I suspect you dismiss all of that when you think of him.
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