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The only consistency about warp speed is its inconsistency--which could be explained if warp factors vary depending on local subspace conditions (Warp 4 here could be faster than Warp 9 there). And some ships may be able to traverse vast distances of the Galaxy very quickly if they know the location of "warp highways" (or subspace shortcuts). A Federation starship stuck in an unfamiliar part of the Galaxy may not, IMO.
This sounds okayish, but I find it hard to believe it could possibly account for the sheer difference in speeds we've seen.

TOS - 1000 LY in 12hrs at warp 8.7 ("That Which Survives")
VOY - 70,000 LY in 75 years at warp 9.975 ("Caretaker")

That's the old Enterprise making Voyager's journey in a month, or Voyager taking a year to cover the 1000 LY distance in TOS.

Mileage may vary, but I see most of Trek fitting nicely into the TOS/TAS/movie framework of much faster warp speeds (with examples like the E-E getting from the RNZ to Earth in FC, the NX-01 taking four days to reach Kronos at warp 5 and nuKirk making it there and back in a day at warp 8) than it does the Voyager mould.
Frankincense + Myrrh wrote:
If this engine (all warp engines) has it's own " personal " warp scale, this could explain Voyagers seeming speed difference at a given warp number in comparison to other ships we've seen.

What do you think?
Maybe if they just left it at "maximum warp" for all Treks (I wish they'd done that!), instead of getting into specific nob-comparison numbers like "warp 9.975" and "fastest ship in the fleet" -type comments.

Ideally, I'd just say Voyager was it's own little universe that operated under a different set of rules to the rest of the Trekverse, but that screws up the many crossovers with other shows and the idea of Trek as one epic saga. By Voyager's way of thinking, TOS and the rest can't possibly have happened as we saw. Hurmph.
What if the fabric of space itself in the Delta Quadrant had more of a damping effect on Voyager's engines than other areas of space, and thus they operated less efficiently (as indirectly suggested by other posters?) Sort of like a sailing ship sailing at full speed against a current, for example.
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