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I read that too - but it doesn't explain warp 10 being passed in TNG (supposedly after this change) and it was never ever even hinted at in the shows themselves. Plus as I said, warp speed was shown to be a lot faster pre-Voyager so it makes even less sense.
Bit of conjecture.

In Peak Performance, LaForge make reference to the Hathaway having "old Avidyne engines, so all Starfleet vessels do not have the same engines over time." If in-universe they created a new warp scale for the hypothetical "transwarp drive" engines of the Exselcier, this scale being different than of the previous type of engine, then maybe each type and style of warp engine basically has it own unique warp scale?

The Voyager has a type of warp engine that is never seen on any other Starfleet vessel, they are somewhat small for the vessel's size and they require being moved upwards in order to operate. I can't recall any other ship's engines having to move for the ship to go to warp (except Cochrane's).

If this engine (all warp engines) has it's own "personal" warp scale, this could explain Voyagers seeming speed difference at a given warp number in comparison to other ships we've seen.

What do you think?
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