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Re: The TWOK Enterprise's torpedo bay revisited

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If you insist we are looking at energy pods instead, then six "launch tubes" would also require six (!) antimatter injectors in that small area.
In the energy projectile scenario the photon torpedo would have to be manufactured on the spot by creating a "magnophoton" containment shell into which matter and antimatter are being injected, therefore you'd need 6 AM injectors for 6 launch tubes.

OTOH, if the torpedo were manufactured at a location ahead of the launch tubes, you'd need to explain why you need 6 tubes when one launch tube would be totally sufficient.


If the tubes are really localized, I can just as easily imagine one injector, that injects matter/antimatter into each tube to arm it. Or, there could two injectors (one for the port tubes, one for the starboard), or three (each shared by a pair of tubes). Or, there could be four (two tubes have dedicated injectors, two tubes share one injector).

There is nothing "required".

Further, I could easily imagine that the purpose of the tubes is to keep a number of torpedoes at the ready, because arming the torpedoes is an operation that requires some time.
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