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Ok, so we all know that going Warp 10 makes you be everywhere in the universe at the exact same time, and, more importantly, it turns you into an oversized lizard who gets Captain Janeway pregnant, but how does Warp 10 differ from transwarp? What allows transwarp to get around the infinity-occupying, lizard-transmuting problems posed by Warp 10?

And now that I think about it, how did Tom Paris manage not to destroy the universe by occupying every point in it simultaneously?
Warp 10 is infinite speed in Voyager and the non-canon Okuda technical manuals. In the rest of the franchise it's a different story. TOS and TAS passed warp 10 all the time without salamander transformations or infinity speed, and TNG did it in "Where No One Has Gone Before" and "All Good Things"

Voyager also massively slowed warp speed down, making crossing the galaxy a lifelong journey despite TOS, TAS and the classic movies zipping to the rim of the galaxy, back to Earth and to the centre effortlessly.

Just chalk it up to one of those weird unexplained and best-left-unsolved discontinuities, like "The Alternative Factor" where one drop of antimatter could destroy the whole universe, when in every other episode it's common starship fuel.
I read once, I think in the Okuda Encyclopedia, that the scales for Warp are different in the 23rd and 24th centuries. If I am not mistaken, with the advent of the Excelsior's Transwarp drive, the warp drive scales were recalibrated. So, Warp 9 in TOS, is something like the equivalent of Warp 7 in the TNG era, and once you get into Wap 9 in the TNG era, every .01 is like another Warp factor in the TOS era. Or something to that effect. I don't remember the exact scale. This is supposedly the explanation as to why in TOS episodes like The Changeling, where the Enterprise goes as fast as Warp 15 and think there may have even been a TAS episode (Counterclock Incident? I think?) where the Enterprise exceeds Warp 20.

But yeah, it still doesn't explain how the Enterprise can travel to the great barrier to see "God" in Trek V in mere days, when it takes Voyager years to travel the same distance. Unless there are time distortions along the way, in some parts of space in the DQ, that the AQ doesn't have??? Or why in AGT, the Enterprise-D can go Warp 13, and yet Voyager sets the thresh hold at Warp 10.

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