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Re: What are you reading?

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While working, and relaxing, in my garden I have been listening to the audiobook recording of the classic sci-fi novel When Worlds Collide which I finished yesterday. Now I am downloading the 1951 movie based on the book, I haven't seen that movie for many years. I have also started listening to the book sequel After Worlds Collide.
oooh, that sounds interesting! I love old SciFI! Must try if I can get that one as ebook (I keep forgetting my reading glasses at my office when I need them at home and at home when I need them at my office *sigh* - ebooks are so useful: you can adjust the font size till you can read it without glasses)
I have only started reading audio books this year. I have avoided them in the past because I have, in the past few years needed subtitles on movies. However I now realised that if the reader has a clear enough voice and have no trouble following the book. I do try and select a book read by a man because I have less trouble with male voices than female voices.

I like e-books because I can change the font size, I like audio books because I can 'read' while I am gardening, waiting for the bus, doing housework etc.

I was disappointed in the movie When Worlds Collide, too much was changed for no good reason.

I have finished listened to After Worlds Collide. Not quite as good as the first book.

This month I have also listened to Relic by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. It is a techno-thriller set in the New York's Museum of Natural History. I loved the novel and have started on the second in the series , Reliquary.

I am still reading Un Lun Dun by China Mieville on my iPad.
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