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Touching upon the Beatles Anthology a bit more...though the material was originally recorded in the 60s, it's a noteworthy occurrence that the Beatles managed to sell more albums in 1996 than they did in any year of the 60s...and they proved to be trendsetters again, sending their contemporaries scrambling into their vaults for unreleased material.

In regards to Anthology 1 having outperformed a live album by the Stones that was released at about the same time, I recall a reviewer writing, "30 years later, the Beatles are still outselling the Stones, and this time they didn't even have to get out of bed to do it" (imperfectly quoted from memory).

That aside, back to something indisputably 90s:

And how could I repost the Nirvana video and forget to include this?

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I like both of those songs.
Well...seeing as how it's the Season of Giving...Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men, all that crap....

I recall seeing this version of the video a full year before the obnoxious dance craze caught on (at which point I believe a newer video was released). This one caught my attention at the time strictly for the eye candy.
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