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Re: TOS Revisited - New Revelations

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As a Trek fan--I'm glad we got season 3, but I was just curious if it had less mockable moments--if it would have been held higher as classic sci-fi rather a 'culty' tv show.
IMO - there were bad episodes in EVERY Star Trek (TOS) Season (but like the majority here, I prefer the first season as well over the other two.)

That said, I'm still happy we got a third Season as I loved a number of S3 episodes like:

"The Tholian Web"

"Day Of The Dove" (Michael Ansara as 'Kang' is still my favorite Klingon portrayal in the 47 years of the Star Trek franchise. I love when he just steps up to Kirk, and without a word, just slaps Kirk to the ground, literally.)

"The Enterprise Incident"

and while some will groan at this last one, it was the first Star Trek episode I saw first run on NBC (I was 6 years old at the time):

"Elaan Of Troyius"

So, wes, while I agree that a lot of the third Season is not that good, there are still quite a few gems from it that I am glad I got to see.
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