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Re: DS9 on blu ray?

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Complicating things is that by the time the DS9-R project likely materializes, the reality is that the relevance of packaged media will be significantly diminished (by exactly how much is anyone's guess); Blu-ray will certainly not disappear in that time, but its sales volume will continue to be eroded by streaming services as that technology improves. Even now Netflix is actively de-emphasizing its disc-by-mail service in favor of its streaming offerings; expect much the same thing from Amazon in the years (or even months) to come.

CBS-D certainly has people with the passion to do DS9 in HD right; they just need the go ahead (and the $$$) from CBS corporate to do that.
Does the entertainment industry think that everybody's made of money or what? Do they know how much it costs to use the Internet in most countries, even (Canada has the most expensive Internet ever)? Not everybody wants or will have the money to go online and watch movies/TV in streaming video; many will still want to own DVD's because there's no compression of the video and audio and things look amazing.

Stephen Bowie has talked about this (and made a better case against this trend) better than I could: Streamageddon vs. Discpocalypse
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