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Re: Romance between Kirk and Carol?

I suspect that Carol will get pregnant and we will find out what kind of man James Tiberious Kirk really is! They will have their fling, which will seem tacked on, and when he finds out he got her pregant ... he's just gonna be like, "I ain't having that ..." and try to convince her to let Bones give her an abortion. She will find herself seriously considering it, too! McCoy, being a father himself, has his own inner battles with suddenly finding himself involved in Kirk's personal life ... putting their friendship to The Test!

Carol leaves the ship pregnant, as Kirk shows her to the shuttlecraft picking her up. She lifts her eyes to meet his, hoping that he will do the right thing and make an Honest Woman out of her. Instead, he tells her that he'd prefer not knowing anything about the child, as it would only distract him and be an added stress factor, which he is not prepared for ... and, frankly, doesn't want. She shakes her head in disbelief as she turns to walk away, fighting back the tears. "Well, what did you expect Carol?" she says to herself - adding, "You knew what you were in for. Anyway, now you have your family to think of ..." as she strokes her belly and the shuttle doors close behind her. She doesn't look back ..
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