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Re: Issues with current Enterprise E Bridge/senior officer staff

I must admit that it took a little while for me to get used to the 2380s Enterprise-E crew, but I'm really enjoying the little bits and pieces of their development. I find myself especially invested in Dygan (even more so after reading Una McCormack's amazing Crimson Shadow), and Dina Elfiki following her role in Christopher's excellent Watching the Clock (more DTI please!). I'm really looking forward to reading more about her, so I hope she makes it into future novels.
I'm also intrigued as to T'Ryssa Chen and Taurik's burgeoning relationship. Taurik seems to have had a somewhat calming influence on her - long may it continue!

Oh, and if someone can get Miranda Kadohata back that would be great (although not at the expense of Ravel Dygan).
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