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Re: Lack of Alien influence in Starfleet ship design...

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Quick note though, in the Rise Of The Federation novel by Christopher Bennett, it's explained that Human engineering gave the most effective overall design when it comes to ships, both in terms of lay-out and warpfield dynamics and such.
Right. The idea is that the alien influence is mostly on the inside -- deflectors come from the Andorians, tractor beams from the Vulcans, computers and sensors probably also from the Vulcans, that sort of thing. But since Earth ships were designed more for multifunction and exploratory uses rather than strictly for combat, their external configurations proved more suitable for the Federation Starfleet's multifunction and exploratory vessels.

Also, I noted that the bridge layout of the Andorian battlecruiser in ENT: "Proving Ground" could have been an ancestral influence on the TOS-era bridge layout, with side-by-side helm and navigator stations in front and the stations facing outward rather than inward. Ship designs with nacelles oriented vertically, like the Constellation class, could also be Andorian-influenced, since ENT-era Kumari-class battlecruisers had two vertically stacked inboard warp engines at the rear of the ship.

As for alien influences in later eras, the rounded, oval shapes of the Galaxy and Nebula classes are unusual enough compared to other Starfleet designs that they might suggest a nonhuman aesthetic influence.
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