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Re: TOS Revisited - New Revelations

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Roddenberry earned story credit on "Charlie X" for the following sentence: "The accidental occurrence of infinite power to do all things, in the hands of a very finite man." Fontana wrote the story outline and the teleplay.
That actually sounds more like "Where No Man Has Gone Before." The "Charlie" in the title hints at "Charlie X" but Gary Mitchell could have easily been Charlie Mitchell early on. Notice the premise says nothing about an adolescent, but "a very finite man." Was Sam Peeples working off a Roddenberry story idea? Did he read Gene's series outline and pick a premise that sounded most interesting? Or was WMNHGB totally original and this really is "Charlie X?"

Just putting it out there.
Hello, I am Sam Peeples grandson. I know a little/share a little about Sams writing his pilot. My grandmother tells me G. Roddenberry stayed at their home while Sam wrote 'Where No Man Has God Before'. She said G.R.'s pilot was fantasy and that Sam taught G.R. how to write Sci-Fi. She said GR "learned fast". I'm not into Star Trek outside of Sam's pilot and the lastest Trek feature films, so I can't contribute much. I inherited a book that belonged to Sam (GR, The Myth And The Man Behind Star Trek), the author gave it to Sam as a gift. In it the author said that Sam had the [worlds?] largest private collection of Sci Fi magazines and/or books - and that GR photographed many magazine covers to use as research/to a aid in the designing the Enterprise.

Thanks for talking of Sam, that's how I found this forum.
Welcome, R.

HARVEY on here has done a lot of research into GR's papers, so you should Private Message with him to see if he has any info about your grandfather which you might find interesting.
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