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U.S.S. Constellation NCC-1017

I've seem the effects reel for the Remastered Doomsday Machine and I was severely disappointed. One of the parts I disliked was the copy and paste use of the Enterprise model to create the Constellation. In the original version the Constellation was clearly distinct from the Enterprise. I realize that the main reason for this is because of budget constraints. They ended up using a 1966 AMT model of the Enterprise for the Constellation. But it is what it is. I just can't buy into the Remastered version of the Constellation.

So, I'm building my own Remastered version of the Constellation based on the 1966 AMT model kit. I think this will keep the feel of the episode while eliminating "this is obviously a plastic model" effect.

The most obvious differences between the Enterprise and Constellation are the color(the constellation seems more white), the rear nacelle caps, the deflector, and the bridge shape. While some may conclude that the bridge shape difference is an error and needed to be eliminated anyway, I think there is an acceptable in universe explanation. We see three accepted varieties of Constitution class bridges in the series. The 1st pilot, 2nd pilot, and main series each had their own bridge varieties. I say that the Constellation Bridge (1966 AMT) version is a fourth variety of Constitution Class bridge.

Anyway here's my progress so far:

Star Trek (The Complete Voyages)
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