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Re: J.J. admits keeping Khan's identity a secret was a mistake

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I don't think they really wanted an alternate timeline though. That's just a bone thrown to fans who care too much about that kind of thing. It's pretty obvious that they just wanted to do a reboot, and that's essentially what we're getting.
How do you know what they wanted? All this "bone thrown to fans" stuff is just what certain people insist on believing.
We don't know. Abrams simply isn't trusted by some... or many. They believe he lies, disembles and misdirects. Like most of us, he does what is in his own interests and justifies it in terms he knows others will accept. The knowledge of ourselves drives the cynicism toward Abrams. And who's to say that gives us the wrong impression? Or are we to believe Hollywood exists for the fans? Abrams does what Abrams wants - like anyone else - and what's so wrong with pandering, mollifying and prevarication?
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