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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

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I just got billed for both as well, but I was able to put my Christmas bonus toward it to pay the full load right before the Holiday.

I know I've already answered but I think what would make me most happy is getting all the ships that were used as other support starfleet ships but not really seen all that often (ships from FC were seen a lot during the domininion war, but ships from TNG were almost never actually seen and TOS there were sketches and even some models but not seen), I'm speeking of coarse of ships like the New Orleans, the Freedom, the Daedelus, the Saladin, the Curry, the Cheyenne, the Intrepid, the Steamrunner, the Sabre etc.
I forgot about the New Orleans class! Definitely would like a model of that one.
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