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Re: Issues with current Enterprise E Bridge/senior officer staff

I don't think Nathan is completely crazy here. I've seen similar comments, though maybe not quite as extreme, from several other posters, some of them regulars.

I feel the same way to a somewhat lesser degree. When I read about some of the newer DS9 characters or even the lesser seen Aventine characters, I pretty much remember them and know who they are instantly. Even with the more rarely seen Titan characters, they come to mind really quickly. The newer Enterprise officers, not quite so much. Dygan and T'Rysa are stand-outs for sure, the others, not quite so much. I sometimes struggle to remember who they are and what they do. Choudhury was another that really stood out, probably because of her relationship with Worf, but not completely for that reason. I can't say she was a favorite or anything but it definitely shocked and saddened me when she was killed. Not in the same way it would have if Worf, Beverly, Bashir, Deanna or some other main character were killed, but saddened just the same.

Still, there are a few of the newer Enterprise officers that I struggle to make a connection with. Let's face it though, we just don't see them as often. I mean, the main characters that we grew to know through the series, we grew to know through what, about 180 episodes apiece, plus the novels? I think it will be pretty hard for any lit-only character to ever meet that same level of investment that we have in the main characters. But that's just my opinion.

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