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Re: Funky Enterprise jacket

Really thoughtful reply about the jacket. I'm not really one for wearing costumes. Although I've often been influenced because a piece of clothing reminds me of something I've seen on TV. I own a brown leather coat, similar to one worn by one of the Doctors in Doctor Who. But the thing is, I like the way it rarely prompts a comment or a knowing glance.

I always thought this would look great worn in the street.

It's shame they dropped it after the Pilot and went for those grey canvas looking jackets. They appeared maybe once or twice in the 4 years. I guess they reasoned them for cold-weather. But not so cold it was Arctic conditions seen in "Regeneration or "The Aenar". In the same way, desert gear was broken out for Season 4's Vulcan trilogy.

I'm not ashamed of being a Star Trek fan. I just wouldn't wear an ENT flight-suit in a day-to-day situation, any more than the other uniforms. It is however the only costume I'd consider wearing to a convention.

If you support a football team, it's always been acceptable to wear the shirt everywhere and not just in the stadium. So I appreciate this idea and it's great to see more and more ENT merchandise appearing, in a market mostly dominated by the Original (plus Abrams' version) and Next Gen.
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