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Re: Issues with current Enterprise E Bridge/senior officer staff

Hmm, I think Miranda Kadohata was one of the better developed, especially in Q&A, Destiny and Losing the Peace (the rotten exception to her development was of course Before Dishonour, but that applies as much to on-screen characters as Kadohata, T'lana and the security guy).

Choudhory was good, especially in Destiny and I think Losing the Peace, but I must admit I was spoiled on her death so I don't know how I felt at that sudden execution. I think she was a stronger character than Šmrhová has been to date - but this may be because of the orientalism and distinguishing religious practices that subsumed/defined her character? I don't know.

And T'Rysa ... you don't like her The putdown of her overcompensation in the third book of Destiny rang true, but she has undergone some good, if sometimes inconsistent, characterisation since (notably in Losing the Peace to do with her padre).

I think the TNG line really suffered in how badly cohesed those early books were - Death in Winter, Resistance and Before Dishonour especially. But I think Q&A and Greater than the Sum started to fix these problems.

And yes Dygan has come out more and more, of course in the two 'Cardassian' novels.

And yes there are all those other characters who are just names and occasional traits & moments. Hegol Den, Elfiki, the Vulkan engineer from Lower Decks, etc. Guidice was a good lower decks figure in each of Mack's books (From A Time to onwards), and Konya for a while (although he got shunted aside after being hit with depression, which was unfortunate).

What really seems the case is that there are too many characters for each to continualyl be in the spotlight. McCormack focuses on certain figures, Mack on others, Ward & Dilmore on others, etc.

But in truth I don't mind...the Enterprise-E feels like a big ship now with a more proportionately large crew. Do we need to know all these other people that well? If it were a TV Voyager situation, where we had 7 or 8 core characters and half of them were poorly-if-at-all characterised yet who did everything on the ship (but die), then we could complain. But having many more faces, each doing different things and not being artificially forced into situations outside their purview (ok, except maybe Chen)...that feels good. It's like the early DS9 relaunch crew (esp. the Defiant crew who really were just names), in many ways, or indeed current DS9 crew (again, figures like Blackmar).

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