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Re: Issues with current Enterprise E Bridge/senior officer staff

(shrugs) I'm liking them well enough, though I don't feel we've gotten into their characters a great deal yet. There have been bits and pieces though. I particularly liked some of the recent developments with Dygan, and having a Cardassian officer on the E in particular is pretty cool I think.

I was caught off-guard with what happened to Choudury, but can't say I felt we necessarily knew her better than we knew anyone in the current lineup.

I've been more concerned over what happened with Piniero and Bacco, probably because AotF did a lot to flesh them out all by itself. I haven't read far enough to see where things may be heading as far as that goes.

As for Titan, Ree is one of my favorites, and the counselor is admittedly a bit amusing to me, but in a good way...and I think he was handled quite well in Destiny.

Might I ask whether you typically have problems relating to character in books, or whether this is an atypical development?
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