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Re: What if they used their tech to the fullest?

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Putting aside all other items, most of which I'd agree with if I had time to figure it out, Voyager's Warp Ten system was far and away the worst. One of two things should have happened, either one of which would have ended the series and either one of which would have worked.

Either they should have used the drive to go Warp 9.999999999999999 and get home in a week or so.

Or they should have warped all the way home and asked the Doctor to reversesalamanderize them before the ship pulled into orbit of the Earth.
Or they should have DIED HORRIBLY, which is what usually happens when an untested piece of technology plugged into a space ship fails to work as intended.

Let me throw a splash of ice water on this thread and point out that the idea of "using their tech to the fullest" HUGELY overlooks the fact that none of that experimental tech is ever shown to fail. When Harry Kim pulls some [tech] solution out of his ass in the middle of a space battle, it works exactly as advertised, the very first time, with no testing, no prototyping, and no unintended consequences. In the Voyager universe, you can make shit up left and right and have it work every single time; if it doesn't work, you can fix it by making up something else. If at that point it STILL backfires, there's also a temporal reset button to consider.

Voyager treats science as tech-magic, so of course they can do just about anything they damn well please. Most of that stuff wouldn't ACTUALLY work that well; Data's badge transporter porbably has a 70% chance of turning its user inside-out, Barclay's shield enhancement fries the entire ship every other time they try to replicate it, and the Best of Both Worlds deflector beam -- aside from never actually working against anyone ever -- nearly destroyed the Enterprise the first time they used it. I kind of feel like the reason half of that stuff is never used on a broader scale is because it either doesn't actually work most of the time, or because the side effects of using it are actually pretty gruesome.
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