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Re: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - Trailers, Discussion, Pics

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Or they can simply make up a new story following the events of Dawn. There's no rule that says they have to remake all of the earlier movies . . ..
Oh sure they could do something totally original...but does that sound like something Hollywood is liable to do these days?

Seriously though, I'm not sure what else they could do after this before they start repeating themselves, which was also a problem with the original films. 'Rise' had the novelty of being set in modern day/near future with realistically portrayed apes. 'Dawn' seems--and I stress seems since we can only presume at this point--to be very much in the post-apocalyptic genre, with the last human remnants refusing to go down without a fight...where do they go from there without just making it a rehash of 'Dawn'?

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
JD wrote: View Post
At this point the two series are different enough I'd rather see them take things in a completely new direction.
And, really, Rise was only a "remake" of Conquest in the loosest sense. They're both about an ape uprising led by a super-evolved ape named Caesar, but that's about it. Rise had no time-travel angle, no enslaved ape servants, was set in the present instead of some fascist future dystopia, completely different human characters, and, of course, the whole genetic-engineering business which was nowhere in Conquest.
Oh I totally agree. I was only talking in generalities as to which stories they may or may not choose to adapt. Indeed from the looks of it 'Dawn' is similarly only connected with 'Battle' in a very general way.

Likewise I'd expect any adaption of the original, or 'Escape' (assuming they even go that route) to be just as loosely based.

I'd actually like to see them do something a little closer to the original book with a more technologically advanced ape civilization, rather than what we got in the original and the Burton remake which felt less like a civilization and more like a single settlement of mutants squatting in the shadow of their creator's ruins.

And, most importantly, no Ricardo Montalban!
And it was all the poorer for it I say!
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