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Re: Just Finally Finishing "A Time To..." Series

Also, security officer Scott Fillion from Kill/Heal = so obviously Nathan Fillion. Am I right? I could totally hear him, see him, playing such. But maybe it's just me? But not likely.

Finished War/Peace earlier tonight. I liked it, but it felt a little... rushed? I think Worf should have come back at least a book or two earlier. Vale maybe seriously injured in Kill/Heal and thus explaining her absence for the last book+Nemesis as opposed to her being on shore leave. Alexander being made ambassador to Quo'nos at the ripe old age of, what, 19? That... *shakes head* I think Giancarlo Wu should have been made Ambassador and Alexander made his chief of staff maybe. But oh well.

Not sure what I'll read next. But I did the Time To series in about 2 weeks, lol. Having a new kindle fire I've been going back into older works and reading far more than I have for the past few years.
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