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Re: You know what really irks me about "Insurrection"?

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I've just rewatched the movie on Netflix and finally, Admiral I-almost-died-like-in-James-Bond
Poor Anthony Zerbe. Gets blown up like a balloon in Licence to Kill, stretched to death here. Dude can't catch a break!
Did he die in Matrix III? I hated so much this movie that I've never rewatched it.

Oh, and I didn't catch that Ba'ku patriarch was name Sojef. What a poor brainstorm job!
I'm not following.
- Hey guys, we need a name for the father figure!
- Ivan??
- No it's gonna already be a visual rip-off of Safety Dance's video clip, there's no more place for references to Men Without Hats.
- Fuck you Frakes! The real name of the bad guy is for your whole career, because it's totally rotting. And his alias, Ruffles, because eating chips is your only talent. I wouldn't even let you directing a Thunderbirds episode.
- Come on gentlemen, we need more decorum.
- ...
- Hey, guys, maybe we could name this character Joseph. It's the name of a famous carpenter and father...
- GREAT! Judeo-Christian names for aliens!
- Ok, we will be more subtle. Phojesh, Phojef.....
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